TNG’s Proposed Eastern Creek Incinerator – Why It Shouldn’t Be Built

The Next Generation NSW Pty Ltd (TNG) has been allowed to submit a revised EIS for their proposed waste incinerator at Eastern Creek. TNG’s proposal has been modified to exclude “Floc and chromate treated timber, but include alternate fuel sources such as Municipal Waste Organics Output (MWOO).
The NSW EPA has found that “MWOO contains a range of physical, [e.g. plastics] and other chemical contaminants that persist in the environment”. Given its composition this material should not be used as a fuel source as it would release a range of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) into the local environment.
This means that in effect there is no difference in TNG’s revised EIS and the proposed incinerator represents a significant threat to the environment and the health of both Blacktown LGA and Greater Sydney residents and should not be allowed.

We have until Tuesday 14 June to lodge objections and to make this as easy as possible No More Incinerators has provided a sample submission explaining the dangers posed by TNG’s revised proposal and how a Circular Economy will provide a viable, alternative solution to Sydney’s “landfill problem” and protect our health and the environment for future generations to come.

So how do I object?

Click on the link below to download NMI’s sample submission and follow the instructions to submit an objection directly to the NSW Department of Planning.
Remember, to be counted your objection needs to be unique. You can create your own objection or copy from the sample below. The most important thing to note is that submissions close on Tuesday 14 June 2022, so you need to act now!

Once you’ve completed your objection save it as a PDF (click save as and change the file extension to .PDF), then follow the step by step guide below.

How to lodge your submission

  1. Click on the link to the Dept of Planning’s page for the Eastern Creek Energy from Waste Facility: to review the EIS or other documents lodged by TNG.
  2. Then when you’re ready to lodge your objection click on the “MAKE A SUBMISSION” button in the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. If you don’t have an account you will be prompted to create one before you can lodge your objection.
  4. Once you’ve set up your account your details will auto fill the online submission form and you’ll be assigned a unique submission number, e.g. (SUB-XXXXXXXXXX)
  5. Select “I am making a personal submission” and follow the prompts to submit your objection.
  6. Don’t forget to click “I object to the project”
  7. In the “Your comments” box you can either copy and paste your objection in or type “Please see attached objection”
  8. Then click on “Add attachment” to attach your submission.
  9. Check the notifications box to receive updates.
  10. Check the declaration box agreeing to the Department’s Ts&Cs.
  11. Click “Submit”.
  12. Once you’ve made your submission the page will confirm that your submission has been successful. You’ll also get a confirmation email.

So I’ve objected, now what?

Thanks! When you get a reply to your objection it would help us a lot if you could email your submission and the EPA’s reply to NMI at . Why?
NMI is compiling a dossier of submissions and responses that can be used in any submission we might need to make to the Govt to address any concerns raised by the community!
Thanks in advance!
No More Incinerators Inc
Matraville Precinct

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