INFORMATION ON DIOXINS story on birth defects attributed to residual dioxin exposure, Vietnam, 2015 – warning graphic images:

Dioxin! What Citizens, Workers and Policymakers Should Know
Interview with Dr. Linda Birnbaum, (US EPA Toxicology Division Director) 2004; In 2010 she is director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health


Introduction: Waste incineration is increasingly used to reduce waste volume and produce electricity. Several incinerators have recently been proposed in Australia and community groups are concerned about health impacts. An overview of the evidence on health effects has been needed. The full article is here


Veolia Winnipeg Sewage Treatment Program, Process Selection Report, Appendix 7, CO2 emission factors database

Current Waste to Energy Proposals

The data in the table below has been sourced from proposals submitted to the NSW Dept of Planning, Industry and Environment, Major Projects page and also information currently available from proponents websites. Information is current as at 11/07/21.

Circular Economies – What are they and how do they work?

As an alternative to burning waste here are some examples of towns and cities overseas and in Australia that have implemented Zero Waste Policies and developed Circular Economies:

And here’s how to move towards a Zero Waste Economy:

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