Tarago Residents Need Your Help!

Veolia is proposing to build a waste to energy incinerator at the former Woodlawn mine site near Tarago in the Southern Highlands that will not only affect the health of Goulburn Mulwarree, but also Greater Sydney residents and permanently damage the rich agricultural and farming lands and water courses throughout the area. Find out moreContinue reading “Tarago Residents Need Your Help!”

TNG’s Appeal Against the EPA’s New Regulation – Latest!

While it’s great to have a win at Matraville (and Lithgow and Mt Piper), The Next Generation (TNG) is challenging the validity of the EPA’s new thermal energy from waste legislation! Why is this significant? If the court finds that the EPA’s new regulation is sound then TNG’s application (and any others in the SydneyContinue reading “TNG’s Appeal Against the EPA’s New Regulation – Latest!”


We thought we’d done with hearing all the misinformation published by Suez about their Matraville waste incinerator, but apparently not!Given the steady stream of misinformation being published by the waste industry, and the NSW government trying to convince the public that waste incineration is really OK, we thought it appropriate to dispel a few ofContinue reading “DISPELLING THE MYTHS!”

Bays & Beaches Residents – Update

Apologies for not be able to attend tonight’s Bays & Beaches Residents meeting, however please find below an update on what’s been happening! Status of Draft EPA Waste from Energy regulations There’s a new govt in Canberra and the EPA have received a lot of objections to the draft regulations so we’re not expecting toContinue reading “Bays & Beaches Residents – Update”

NMI Objects to TNG’s Eastern Creek Incinerator

The Next Generation (TNG) have been allowed to resubmit their EIS for their Eastern Creek incinerator after agreeing to remove shredded vehicles and chromate treated timber from the fuel stream.  They will burn mixed waste organic outputs (MWOO) instead. But according to the EPA, MWOO contains shredded plastics, persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and toxic heavyContinue reading “NMI Objects to TNG’s Eastern Creek Incinerator”

NTN Report Launch – the REAL effects of burning waste – on our health & the environment!!

The National Toxics Network has commissioned a study to explain how burning waste will affect us and what the govt should be doing about it. For more info see the launch this Thursday 21st April @ 6pm. Click here to register!

UK MPs Call for Halt to Britain’s Waste Incinerator Expansion Plans

Given the blind determination of the NSW Government to ignore the huge raft of evidence from the UK and EU clearly showing the health effects of burning waste – including the effects of ultrafine particulates that cannot be filtered out and carry toxic heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants like dioxins, we thought it wasContinue reading “UK MPs Call for Halt to Britain’s Waste Incinerator Expansion Plans”

The No More Incinerators Campaign Keeps Rolling On!!

Spot our message emblazoned on the Randwick and Bayside Council collection trucks at our Media Event on 21 March. A big thank you goes out to Mayors Christina Curry and Dylan Parker for the loan of their “No Matraville Incinerator” branded trucks. And lets not forget the Randwick and Bayside Councillors and residents for lendingContinue reading “The No More Incinerators Campaign Keeps Rolling On!!”

Submission for draft EPA Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation

TO ALL OUR VALUED SUPPORTERS!We know you have signed petitions and written to Ministers and objected.But we need one last push!The NSW EPA has released the draft Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation for public consultation. This regulation will determine if and where waste can be burnt in NSW – including in Matraville where Suez isContinue reading “Submission for draft EPA Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation”