NTN Report Launch – the REAL effects of burning waste – on our health & the environment!!

The National Toxics Network has commissioned a study to explain how burning waste will affect us and what the govt should be doing about it. For more info see the launch this Thursday 21st April @ 6pm. Click here to register!

UK MPs Call for Halt to Britain’s Waste Incinerator Expansion Plans

Given the blind determination of the NSW Government to ignore the huge raft of evidence from the UK and EU clearly showing the health effects of burning waste – including the effects of ultrafine particulates that cannot be filtered out and carry toxic heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants like dioxins, we thought it wasContinue reading “UK MPs Call for Halt to Britain’s Waste Incinerator Expansion Plans”

The No More Incinerators Campaign Keeps Rolling On!!

Spot our message emblazoned on the Randwick and Bayside Council collection trucks at our Media Event on 21 March. A big thank you goes out to Mayors Christina Curry and Dylan Parker for the loan of their “No Matraville Incinerator” branded trucks. And lets not forget the Randwick and Bayside Councillors and residents for lendingContinue reading “The No More Incinerators Campaign Keeps Rolling On!!”

Submission for draft EPA Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation

TO ALL OUR VALUED SUPPORTERS!We know you have signed petitions and written to Ministers and objected.But we need one last push!The NSW EPA has released the draft Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation for public consultation. This regulation will determine if and where waste can be burnt in NSW – including in Matraville where Suez isContinue reading “Submission for draft EPA Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation”

Congratulations to Our Randwick Councillors!

After much debate at the recent NSW LGA Special Conference, Randwick Council’s motion against the Suez/OPAL waste incinerator was accepted. See the motion below or download the full document, (Randwick’s motion is L3). L3 Randwick City Council — Waste to energy incineratorsThat Local Government NSW:a) Acknowledges concerns regarding the impact of waste to energy incineratorsContinue reading “Congratulations to Our Randwick Councillors!”

NMI Media Update

We’ve been busy, busy, busy at No More Incinerators!! First we had Tony Ibrahim from ABC News interview our Mayor, Dylan Parker and residents objecting to the harmful Suez Matraville Incinerator proposal, see the story. Thanks to the ABC for their great group shots (above) and story! And today we spoke to Josh Szeps onContinue reading “NMI Media Update”


This week the ABC spoke to local residents and interviewed Chris Hanson, Campaign Manager for No More Incinerators, about the proposed Suez/Opal plan to build an incinerator in Matraville.  We are expecting the interviews to air on ABC News next week. Why the interest? Suez’s damaging incinerator plan has not gone away! The NSW EPAContinue reading “ABC TALKS TO LOCAL RESIDENTS DISPUTING SUEZ’S INCINERATOR PLAN”

A very Merry XMAS to all our supporters!

Hi everybody! We’re almost at the end of 2021 and what a year No More Incinerators has had! With over 30,000 flyers letterboxed during two lock downs and 400 corflute posters displayed around the Randwick and Bayside LGAs (email us at nomoreincinerators@gmail.com for how to get yours) it’s been a fantastic effort. And we’ll haveContinue reading “A very Merry XMAS to all our supporters!”


Thanks to your donations, we’ve delivered nearly 30,000 NMI flyers and are currently installing 500 large, “BURNING WASTE WILL POISON OUR AIR” Corflute posters around the Botany and Randwick LGAs and we’d like to get as many residents as possible proudly displaying posters on their front fences or gardens. Contact us at: https://nomoreincinerators.wordpress.com/contact/ if you’dContinue reading “NMI NEWS UPDATE!”

NSW EPA and Govt finally meet NMI

On 28/10/21 NMI, Matraville Precinct Chair, Steve McAndrew and Randwick Councillor Noel D’Souza met NSW EPA and a senior advisor from Matt Kean’s office. Our wide-ranging discussions were based on a large amount of referenced documentation and previous correspondence, including our meeting with them in April 2020, which were sent to them prior to thisContinue reading “NSW EPA and Govt finally meet NMI”