NSW EPA and Govt finally meet NMI

On 28/10/21 NMI, Matraville Precinct Chair, Steve McAndrew and Randwick Councillor Noel D’Souza met NSW EPA and a senior advisor from Matt Kean’s office. Our wide-ranging discussions were based on a large amount of referenced documentation and previous correspondence, including our meeting with them in April 2020, which were sent to them prior to thisContinue reading “NSW EPA and Govt finally meet NMI”

NMI and Maroubra Local Meet With NSW EPA

This week NMI and a retired Maroubra MD spoke to the EPA’s Manager of the Land & Resources Policy Group and a senior air quality expert who were instrumental in advising the NSW Government on the Energy from Waste Policy. The discussion was wide ranging, but the following is worth noting: The NSW EPA statedContinue reading “NMI and Maroubra Local Meet With NSW EPA”


After initially abandoning the review of the NSW Clean Air Policy the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is now requesting public comments on what the draft NSW Clean Air Strategy might look like. Currently there are proposals for four incinerators to burn various types of waste in the Sydney Basin which will significantly degradeContinue reading “DRAFT NSW CLEAN AIR STRATEGY – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS”