No More Incinerators has found out that OPAL and Suez are meeting with the NSW EPA and Environment Minister, Matt Kean to get an exemption from the recent announcement banning the burning of waste in the Sydney basin.

So why is this a bad idea?

If granted, Suez could submit their EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) in the next 4 – 6 weeks and start the process to get approval to build their incinerator!
To stop this happening, we need every person who cares about their health and the environment to submit letters to Matt Kean and Rob Stokes requesting that they refuse Suez and Opal’s request for an exemption to the ban on burning waste in the Sydney Basin ASAP.
That way there will be no point in Suez submitting an EIS and the incinerator will not be built!

So how do I object?

It’s important to note that because Suez have not lodged their EIS yet, we are directing our objections to Ministers Stokes and Kean to make them aware of the community’s concerns. But if Suez are allowed to submit their EIS, then a different process will need to be followed and everyone will need to lodge their objections with the Dept of Planning while the EIS is being exhibited for comment.

Click on the links below and follow the instructions to submit an objection directly to each minister’s office and make sure that you receive a reply!
You could create your own objection or copy from the following sample letters.

The links to write to each parliamentary office are as follows:

A step by step guide to lodging your objection

  1. Your details | Complete your name, address and contact details
  3. Type of enquiry | select ‘Meeting Request’ 
  4. Message | You may type your objection or attach documents
  5. Attachments |  Attach your written objection and any supporting documents.
  6. I would like a response | Check box to ensure that you receive a reply and reference number.
  7. I’m not a robot | Check box

So I’ve objected, now what?

Thanks! When you get a final reply to your letter, it would help us a lot if you could email your letter and their reply to us at nomoreincinerators@gmail.com . Why? NMI is compiling a dossier of objections and responses to Suez’s proposal that can be used in any submission we might need to make to the Govt to counter Suez and OPAL’s claims that any concerns raised by the community have been addressed!
Thanks in advance!
No More Incinerators

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