A different community consultation – but the rules never change! The story below clearly shows the tactics used by companies to get the outcomes they want when “consulting” with residents. Be warned, Suez and Opal are using exactly the same tactics! “The departing members have also alleged that AusNet has “manipulated CCG meeting minutes,” dodgedContinue reading “COMMUNITY CONSULTATION 101!”


There’s so much misleading information being spruiked by Suez at their Community Reference Group meetings it’s hard to know where to start – but one thing Suez will never do – is answer any of the questions Matraville residents have asked to justify the company’s claims. These questions reflect concerns now being raised by communitiesContinue reading “MORE SUEZ MISINFORMATION!!”


A number of residents have been told that Suez’s incinerator is a “done deal” and will go ahead irrespective of what objections are raised by residents. This is NOT the case! So what’s the approval process?? Once Suez has submitted its Environment Impact Study (EIS), the Dept of Planning will call for residents opposing (orContinue reading “MORE SUEZ WASTE INCINERATOR MYTHS!”

A Poor Response From Suez

Some time ago the Matraville Precinct provided a list of Community Questions to Suez and OPAL to determine how they would look after the health of the community and protect the environment. Unfortunately their responses have been less than satisfactory. And given the lack of any meaningful legislation from the NSW EPA we’ve decided toContinue reading “A Poor Response From Suez”


If you live in NSW this will affect you! We need as many residents as possible to make a submission objecting to the draft NSW Energy from Waste policy. Why? Because it’s a numbers game and we need as many NSW residents as possible to make a submission – politicians will only take notice whenContinue reading “OBJECT TO THE DRAFT NSW EPA ENERGY FROM WASTE POLICY”

Why burning waste is a bad idea

In our latest video, local resident Mike Whitney chats with environmental expert Jane Bremmer about the problems with burning waste. Governments around the world are changing their views and considering other approaches. There are alternatives! This 40-minute indepth interview unpacks all the issues with the proposed Matraville Incinerator. You can also access Jane’s full presentationContinue reading “Why burning waste is a bad idea”


After initially abandoning the review of the NSW Clean Air Policy the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is now requesting public comments on what the draft NSW Clean Air Strategy might look like. Currently there are proposals for four incinerators to burn various types of waste in the Sydney Basin which will significantly degradeContinue reading “DRAFT NSW CLEAN AIR STRATEGY – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS”

Local celebs join campaign to fight incinerator

Local celebs cricketer Mike Whitney and football great Russell Fairfax join the growing community concern about the Suez and Opal plan to build a waste incinerator just 130 metres from people’s homes. In this mini documentary we explore how the incinerator will affect the health, environment and amenity of not just Matraville, but greater Sydney.

Local politicians speak out against incinerator plan

Randwick Mayor Danny Said, State Member for Maroubra Michael Daley and Federal Member for Kingsford-Smith Matt Thistlethwaite talk about why they’re opposing the plan for a Matraville incinerator. If all three levels of local representation oppose the Matraville Incinerator, there has to be something seriously wrong with the proposal.