We thought we’d done with hearing all the misinformation published by Suez about their Matraville waste incinerator, but apparently not!
Given the steady stream of misinformation being published by the waste industry, and the NSW government trying to convince the public that waste incineration is really OK, we thought it appropriate to dispel a few of the myths.
This fact sheet, kindly provided by the National Toxics Network does just that!

In the interests of fairness, we’ve included the NSW Government’s recent “fact sheet” on why we need to burn our waste and how it will help us create a Circular Economy! There is so much misinformation in this we don’t know quite where to start, but comparing a leaf blower to the toxic particulates discharged from a waste incinerator is particularly breath taking!

For the record, based on the current NSW EPA limits for particulates quoted in the fact sheet below, the average incinerator can legally discharge up to 7.2kg of particulates per hour, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Would you want to live near one?

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