Help stop the subsidies being paid to companies burning waste

Recently David Pocock announced that was aiming to halt Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) being paid for plantation forestry because he had doubts over whether planting trees would not deliver the promised reduction in greenhouse gases.

So we wrote to him to see if he was aware of the proposed amendments to the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020. The original legislation can be found here:

Our concern is that if the amendments are passed, they would allow companies that burn waste to obtain carbon credits for any Process Engineered Fuel (PEF) consumed, in addition to the grants and subsidies already paid for various “environmentally focused” initiatives. In effect these carbon credits would be another form of subsidy to these companies to burn garbage and keep them profitable.

What can you do??

Use the template letter provided below to send your own letter to requesting him to ensure that ALL subsidies currently being paid to these companies are stopped for good! You can find our sample letter here:

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