UK MPs Call for Halt to Britain’s Waste Incinerator Expansion Plans

Given the blind determination of the NSW Government to ignore the huge raft of evidence from the UK and EU clearly showing the health effects of burning waste – including the effects of ultrafine particulates that cannot be filtered out and carry toxic heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants like dioxins, we thought it was time to see what the latest research from the UK showed.
It appears that even with the latest filtration technology the ultrafine particulates discharged from waste incinerators are affecting UK resident’s health – and not just those living nearby incinerators!

In an article by The Guardian’s Sandra Laville, a report released by an all-party UK parliamentary group on air pollution says any expansions should be halted immediately to protect human health and cut carbon emissions.
The UK report concludes that ultrafine particles released by incineration at scale constitute a significant health hazard. Geraint Davies, Labour MP and chair of the group, said the expansion of the Edmonton incinerator and others should be stopped.
Click here to see the UK report.

And finally, a couple of peculiarly Australian myths we need to dispel!

Myth 1 – Burning waste is not, never has been and will never be part of a circular economy!

That’s because once you’ve burnt it, it’s gone – you can never get it back or reuse it.

Myth 2 – Burning waste to create heat is not “recycling” it, for the same reason!

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