Submission for draft EPA Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation

We know you have signed petitions and written to Ministers and objected.
But we need one last push!
The NSW EPA has released the draft Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation for public consultation. This regulation will determine if and where waste can be burnt in NSW – including in Matraville where Suez is proposing to build a waste incinerator at OPAL’s Paper Mill. The draft regulation has a number of shortcomings that need to be addressed to ensure that the health of NSW residents and the environment are protected.

We have until 5pm on Sunday 20 March to lodge submissions and to make this as easy as possible No More Incinerators has provided a simple, plain language letter setting out why we shouldn’t be burning waste anywhere and what the issues are with the draft regulation that need to be fixed. So head to our EPA Submission page and make sure you get yours in this week – remember numbers count and we need each person to lodge a submission.

Thanks in advance…
No More Incinerators Inc

2 thoughts on “Submission for draft EPA Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation

  1. Part of my submission ,

    It appears the Opal Paper mill in Matraville plans to build a waste incinerator in Matraville. This powerful company with Suez has tried to hijack the land-use decision in our city, but local groups and Council are united, together we want to put a stop to this unwanted environmentally and community destructive project.

    It is being built less then 100m from residential homes in a highly densely populated area close to National Parks and protected habitats. This also going to be built close to a very densely populated indigenous community in La Perouse.

    My request for refusal is based on the premise that better cleaner fuel (natural gas) is being used to generate energy by Opal at present and the burning of waste is a dirtier fuel and therefore should not be allowed.

    Also, applying the precautionary principle where there is a greater risk of harm to human health due to proximity to high population areas (now and into the future), and in areas where there are regular exceedances to air quality standards from existing sources projects like this should not be allowed.

    This project is detrimental to health and the environment and should not be supported.
    Cr Noel D’Souza


  2. I do not want any health problems for me 77yrs and my husband 82yrs who is a diabetic.
    Air pollutants from this incinerator could cause all sorts of problems that we do not need. This area is inhabited by families with small children and a lot of elderly people. Build this somewhere else.and let Suez use gas or coal power electricity!!!!!


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