Congratulations to Our Randwick Councillors!

After much debate at the recent NSW LGA Special Conference, Randwick Council’s motion against the Suez/OPAL waste incinerator was accepted.
See the motion below or download the full document, (Randwick’s motion is L3).

L3 Randwick City Council — Waste to energy incinerators
That Local Government NSW:
a) Acknowledges concerns regarding the impact of waste to energy incinerators on communities and the environment;
b) Notes that the Draft Regulations and the Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) Energy from Waste Infrastructure Plan would prohibit waste to energy incinerators in some places and not others;
c) Considers burning waste for energy an outdated technology and encourages diversion rather than incineration.
It’s one more step in the right direction – but it’s not over yet. The EPA’s regulations are still draft and the EPA is seeking feedback.
So, stay tuned and we’ll let you know how you can make sure they get yours!


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