Bayside Council Rejects Suez/OPAL Incinerator

GOOD NEWS!! On 13/10, Bayside Council unanimously rejected the waste incinerator Suez want to build at OPAL’s Matraville Paper Mill. Following the meeting, the Council will write to NSW Minister for Energy and Environment the Hon Matt Kean MP voicing its opposition to the proposed Matraville incinerator.

“This 17-storey monstrosity might be located in the Randwick LGA, but with the southerly winds coming off the Bay the poisonous plumes will be blown across the whole of Bayside and down to Sutherland,” Cr Morrissey and Cr Curry told the meeting.
“We need to stop this before it is too late.”

Bayside Council believes, based on criteria in the Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) Energy from Waste Infrastructure Plan, that the proposed incinerator should not proceed and will ask Minister Kean to clearly stipulate that the Matraville incinerator is not of a type that could be considered.

Bayside Council also resolved to write to all local Members of Parliament, and conduct an advertising campaign similar to the “No Cruise Ships in Botany Bay” campaign. Council will also develop a resident awareness campaign and include advertising on Council’s waste collection trucks and outdoor advertising.

You can read the full release here.

3 thoughts on “Bayside Council Rejects Suez/OPAL Incinerator

  1. I still can’t believe that a large scale incinerator would be built anywhere today let alone on top of an urban area. The PM leaves for the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow today and we’re fighting this? Beggars belief.


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