A different community consultation – but the rules never change! The story below clearly shows the tactics used by companies to get the outcomes they want when “consulting” with residents. Be warned, Suez and Opal are using exactly the same tactics!

“The departing members have also alleged that AusNet has “manipulated CCG meeting minutes,” dodged questions with “commercial in confidence” responses, and shown little empathy or respect to community members.” See:…/


  1. This type of “consultation” seems to have been universally adopted by criminal groups masquerading as proponents of worthless and destructive “state significant infrastructure” projects, since the rewrite of the NSW planning legislation allowed meritless megaprojects to proliferate in 2011. I have been on a Westconnex community consultation group for a couple of years and the description in the article sounded exactly like the box-ticking and cover-up exercise I have become used to. And the independence of a Chair whose income seems to be entirely dependent on serving Westconnex is highly questionable. We tried asking a question about air quality in the suburbs now choking with more road traffic than ever before since the high tolls Wcx insist on pushed up to 50% more vehicles onto surface roads (It’s an air quality consultation group) and were told we couldn’t ask questions about the quality of air outside the tunnels. Probably because the answer would be that Wcx is directly responsible for the increase in local traffic congestion and pollution. Since the planning legislation was changed to encourage “infrastructure” development to be mostly scams that rob taxpayers and reward crime, every kind of dodginess has become the norm.


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