There’s so much misleading information being spruiked by Suez at their Community Reference Group meetings it’s hard to know where to start – but one thing Suez will never do – is answer any of the questions Matraville residents have asked to justify the company’s claims. These questions reflect concerns now being raised by communities throughout the EU wherever waste incinerators are still operating (see attached).

For one thing, despite Suez’s claims, there is nothing “special” about the waste they are planning to burn in their incinerator. Based on overseas experience, large quantities of plastics need to be burnt for their high fossil fuel content. And the “non-recyclable”, kerbside waste collected during council rubbish collections Suez says it will only use, will contain a wide variety of toxic materials, which when burnt, will create toxic pollutants that can’t be completely filtered out of the stack gases and will be released into the air along with large quantities of nano particles that are small enough to be absorbed into our bodies from the air we breathe in.

In addition, part of Opal’s deal with Suez is that 35,000 tonnes/annum of mill waste will also be burnt, and this waste contains PVC plastic which will create dioxins and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) which will concentrate in the flue and grate ash. In the UK, grate ash mixed with paving cement has been found to be leaching dioxins and other POPs into the soil so the grate ash cannot be used for “construction purposes” as Suez is claiming. This means both the grate and fly ash must be treated as HAZARDOUS WASTE, can’t be disposed of in normal landfills and must be disposed of in specially constructed, fully sealed, hazardous waste cells.

Coupled with the recently released, disastrous NSW EPA “Energy from Waste” legislation, and the numerous applications for waste incinerators now being proposed throughout NSW, no resident living anywhere in NSW will be safe.

What’s the alternative?? The NSW Govt enables legislation to promote a Circular, instead of a Linear Economy. This will do far more than greatly reduce our need for landfill and remove the need to burn our waste. A Circular Economy will create 1000s of skilled, permanent jobs, and protect our health and the environment at the same time! See our “Resources” page for more on this.

Want to tell our politicians that there is an alternative to burning our waste?? Head to our “Object” page to find out how!

Questions?? Email your questions to:

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