Article in the Daily Telegraph 25/05/2021

For anyone unable to read the recent article by Gary Hamilton-Irvine at the Telegraph for this story on how Matraville residents like Mike Whitney are rallying against Suez’s proposed incinerator at OPAL’s paper mill, please see the story below:

3 thoughts on “Article in the Daily Telegraph 25/05/2021

  1. My husband, daughter and have one of the closest houses to the proposed monstrosity. We are approx. 100m from where they propose to build it. It is an absolute disgrace that the Government are even considering such a development so close to residential homes. We have three neighbour families all with small children. What happens when it is found later in their lives that it has impacted our children’s health. We understand it will run 24/7 at thermal heat temperatures and be noisy. It’s is honestly a disgrace. We all never signed up for this when we all moved into the area. I absolutely oppose the draft proposal. We do not want it in our backyard which is pretty much where they propose it to be.


  2. If we allow this why don’t we go back 50 years and let people start burning rubbish in their backyards again !!
    This would have to be one of the worse proposals I have seen.
    As we try and move to a cleaner energy producing world and lower carbon emissions we are having big business trying to force this upon the people of Sydney and NSW. The NSW Government and the EPA must reject this proposal and other such proposals in NSW.


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