After initially abandoning the review of the NSW Clean Air Policy the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is now requesting public comments on what the draft NSW Clean Air Strategy might look like.

Currently there are proposals for four incinerators to burn various types of waste in the Sydney Basin which will significantly degrade our air quality and this is your chance to let the NSW Govt know that burning waste and having clean air to breath is a contradiction of terms!

Click on the link below to respond to the three questions listed below. Some suggested responses are included, but feel free to add your own. www.environment.nsw.gov.au/clean-air-strategy


  1. What air quality issues in NSW are you most concerned about and why?

The incineration of waste for energy being carried out anywhere in NSW, but particularly within the Sydney Basin.

Plume modelling has shown that the pollutants produced from the incineration of waste for energy (no matter what filtration system is used) will impact all residents living within the entire Sydney Basin – not just to those unfortunate enough to be living nearby any waste to energy incinerator.

In addition to the huge quantities of greenhouse gases produced when waste is burnt, a wide range of low level persistent organic pollutants (POPs), acid gases and heavy metals would be released 24/7 that will build up in the food chain and the environment and cause significant long-term impacts to the health of all Sydney residents, destroying our quality of life.

  1. How could the NSW Government better help individuals and communities reduce and avoid exposure to air pollution to minimise adverse health effects?

Properly and adequately resource the NSW EPA to enable the agency to:

a) Develop and maintain robust environmental legislation and guidelines to protect the environment and people of NSW

b) Actively enforce the legislation and guidelines by prosecuting anyone found to be in breach of the legislation or guidelines through the use of fines and court action.

  1. How could the NSW government work better with the community, industries and businesses to adopt clean air management techniques?

Adopt a zero waste city approach that would promote recovery, recycling and re-manufacture of a wide range of used materials and drive a circular economy to reduce the need for waste landfill and remove the need to burn waste – for any reason.

Note: Burning waste for energy is NOT part of a circular economy and should NOT form part of any zero waste policy!

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