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A proposal to build a waste-to-energy incinerator plant at the paper mill recycling site on Botany Road in Matraville, by SUEZ, a French multinational corporation and waste management company, and Opal, owned by Japan’s Nippon Paper Industries, is being considered by the NSW Government.

The proposal is classified as State Significant Development as it is a co-generation of heat and electricity and has a capital investment value of over $30M. This means it bypasses local approvals of Randwick Council and will be determined by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

You can view the proposal and see where it’s up to on the Planning Department’s Major Projects page.

Why is it bad? You can read our 10 reasons to say no to the incinerator to understand how this proposal will affect our community.

Street view of the paper mill from Botany Road.

The proposed plant would incinerate 165,000 tonnes of non-recyclable rubbish such as plastic, textiles and furniture each year to help power the Opal paper mill. The output would be a cocktail of toxins covering Sydney.

It’ll operative 24 hours a day and result in a stack 65m high located just 130 metres from people’s homes.

Community members and local representatives are opposing the plan for an incinerator in Matraville

We need your help to tell the Government what the community thinks. Join the community group opposing this plan. Find out How You Can Help NOW!

So WHY is NSW Government even considering this proposal at Matraville or anywhere else in Sydney? Matraville is one of four waste to energy high temperature incinerators proposed for NSW – it’s time to say NO MORE INCINERATORS! Find out how you can help.

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