Oppose Suez’s Matraville Incinerator


A proposed incinerator in Matraville will put public health at risk, damage the environment and impact thousands of people.

Why is it bad? Read 10 reasons to say no to the incinerator to understand how this proposal will affect our community.

Waste company Suez and paper mill Opal want to built a waste-to-energy incinerator plant at the paper mill on Botany Road in Matraville.

The proposal is classified as State Significant Development as it is a co-generation of heat and electricity and has a capital investment value of over $30M. This means it bypasses local approvals of Randwick Council and will be determined by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

You can view the proposal and see where it’s up to on the Planning Department’s Major Projects page.

Street view of the paper mill from Botany Road.

The proposed waste incinerator would burn 165,000 tonnes of non-recyclable rubbish such as plastics, textiles and furniture each year to help power the Opal paper mill. The stack would discharge a cocktail of toxic pollutants covering eastern Sydney.

Suez’s incinerator will operate 24 hours a day and result in a stack 60m high located less than 100 metres from the nearest resident’s homes.

The shading shows the areas that will be affected by burning waste in the Sydney Basin. Where do you live? Will you be affected?

So WHY is the NSW Government even considering this proposal at Matraville or anywhere else in Sydney? Matraville is one of seven sites being proposed in the Greater Sydney area for burning Sydney and the ACT’s rubbish – it’s time to say NO MORE INCINERATORS! Find out how you can help.

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Latest updates


This week the ABC spoke to local residents and interviewed Chris Hanson, Campaign Manager for No More Incinerators, about the proposed Suez/Opal plan to build an incinerator in Matraville.  We are expecting the interviews to air on ABC News next week. Why the interest? Suez’s damaging incinerator plan has not gone away! The NSW EPAContinue reading “ABC TALKS TO LOCAL RESIDENTS DISPUTING SUEZ’S INCINERATOR PLAN”


A very good question at the start of 2022! Given OPAL have signed a new contract for the supply of natural gas, and Suez have abandoned any attempt at community consultation and removed their “community information centre” from the Matraville shopping strip, NMI wrote to OPAL prior to XMAS to ask if the project wasContinue reading “SO WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH OPAL’S PROPOSED INCINERATOR IN MATRAVILLE??”

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